Ugadi Vedukalu

The conditions are still looking good for our Ugadi celebrations and the preparations are in full swing.  TAGO EC is striving it’s best to make this in-person event as safe and enjoyable as possible for all. As announced earlier Ugadi Veedukalu are scheduled for 16th April 2022 at HSCF Hall. We are hoping that you are preparing for the event and bringing the best of your talent to entertain and socialize to Uagdi Veedukalu. To enable that we have left the floor open to all categories as long as they can be enjoyed in a family setting. Items that reflect Telugu literature or culture will always be given highest priority in case of overwhelming response. Please send the details of your program with name of the item and category (example Annamayya Keerthana, Dance and any additional information) ,participants names, duration of the program to the TAGO cultural secretary  email id ( subject of the mail should be “TAGO Ugadi 2022 Program”.

We are looking for MCs both youth and adults to run the show. Please provide your names by March 27th to the cultural secretary at The subject of the mail should be “TAGO Ugadi 2022 MC”.

We want to bring all seniors (12th grade) on the stage if possible on that day. Parents / seniors if you are interested please send mail to The subject of the mail should be “TAGO Ugadi 2022 Seniors”. It helps if you can provide current school and the future collage / University that you will be attending with your major. We can also host a collage of pictures with names and few more details on TAGO website. If you would like your picture to be included also send the picture with details to the same mail id with same subject.


We are also conducting several competitions for kids and youth. This will be conducted on 9th April on Temple premises. Please encourage your kids to participate. This will be a great reason for youngsters to learn Telugu and exhibit their talent.

In order to properly cater to attendees we would like you to RSVP and prepay for the event using the url :We highly encourage our fellow Telugus to become life members or members. You can also pay for the membership using the same url.

Though COVID has almost passed we would like to follow CDC guidelines and highly encourage attendees to wear masks and be fully vaccinated. 


Ugadi Kids Competitions information:

To encourage our kids we would like to conduct different competitions for our kids for Ugadi. Find here all the details regarding the competitions.

The categories are:

Color the sheets provided for kids up to 4th grade. The stencil sheets and pencils will be provided by TAGO.
Draw pictures and color for kids from 5th through 10th. Kids can draw and color the pictures at home and drop them off on April 9th after regisitration.
All the pictures will be displayed on April 16th in Temple Hall during Ugadi Celebrations.

upto 4th grade : Sing padyalu, sathkalu or song.
5th to 8th grade : Sing padyalu, sathkalu or song.
9th to 12th grade : Sing padyalu, sathkalu or song.

upto 4th grade: Speak at least three minutes completely in Telugu about Ugadi
5th grade to 8th: Speak at least four minutes completely in Telugu about Ugadi
9th and above: Speak at least five minutes completely in Telugu about Ugadi

upto 4th grade: Write at least ten sentences in complete Telugu about Ugadi in fifteen minutes
5th grade to 8th: Write at least twenty sentences in complete Telugu about Ugadi in fifteen minutes
9th and above: Write at least forty sentences in complete Telugu about Ugadi in twenty minutes.
Papers will be provided by TAGO. Please bring your own lucky pens / pencils.

These competitions will be held on April 9 at the temple premises

We will let you know the exact time soon.

You don’t have to register for these competitions.
You have to show up there at the appointed time and take part in the competitions.

Event Performance Registration Form

Select Your Event
Please enter a number from 1 to 25.

We hope to see you as TAGO Member and take advantages of the membership such as, Member only discounts, Members only event pricing

TAGO Karthika Vana Bhojanalu and Sports day

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బతుకమ్మ పండుగ సందర్భంగా మహిళల యొక్క పోషకుడి దేవత అయిన మహా గౌరీ (లైఫ్ గివెర్) దేవత అలైవ్కు వచ్చి, ఆరాధన కొరకు, తెలుగులో, హిందూ స్త్రీలు

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