About TAGO – Telugu Assoc. of Greater Orlando

Telugu Association of Greater Orlando (TAGO) is a non-profit organization promoting Telugu culture and awareness in Central Florida. It caters to the cultural, social and literary needs of the Telugu people migrated from sub continent as well as their children born and raised in USA or subcontinent.

TAGO conducts many cultural activities and events every year aimed at not only celebrating our language, traditions, art and heritage but also championing the diversity of India. These events showcase the talents of our cultural groups while strengthening the bond of community through friendship and unity.


Association Executive Committe – 2022:

Mr Prasad Kompella


Mr. Mahender Aenapalli

Executive Member

Mr. Partha Vustepalli

Executive Member

Mr. Vanama Naresh

Executive Member

Mr. Ganesh Jakkamsetti

Executive Member

Mrs. Padma Gangupanthulu

Executive Member

Mr. Rajesh Bomana

Executive Member

We hope to see you as TAGO Member and take advantages of the membership such as, Member only discounts, Members only event pricing

TAGO Karthika Vana Bhojanalu and Sports day

కార్తీక వనభోజనాలు – మా అద్భుతమైన వాలంటీరు మరియు స్పాన్సర్లనుండి రుచికరమైన ఇంట్లో వండిన ఆహారంతో, కార్తిక వనభోజనం వేడుకలో మాతో చేరండి. అన్ని వయసుల పెద్దలు

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బతుకమ్మ పండుగ సందర్భంగా మహిళల యొక్క పోషకుడి దేవత అయిన మహా గౌరీ (లైఫ్ గివెర్) దేవత అలైవ్కు వచ్చి, ఆరాధన కొరకు, తెలుగులో, హిందూ స్త్రీలు

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